Resources – Week 8 & 9 – Whiteboards

Interactive White boards (IWB)


This site is set up so a teacher or student can turn their iPad into an interactive whiteboard.  Once connected to your computer through WiFi, you can watch Flash media with fully synchronized video and audio, control favorite apps with annotate over lessons all from your iPad.  This allows you as a teacher to interact with students at their desk or from all areas of the classroom.  This allows users of existing whiteboards (IWBs) to assess their tools from anywhere in the class.  Or you can leave the school PC on and connect to it remotely from your home.  As teacher you can leave the front of the class and roam around the room, helping students.   There are features to annotate over anything, draw, highlight, or write over any content.  You can use different colored or sized pens, highlighters, shapes and text tools.  Basically, you download & install the apps onto your computer.  Start it up and connect with content over the W-Fi and enjoy!

As far as I can tell it is a free download and has a multitude of uses and applications within a classroom, endless really.  NETS-T (#1 & #2) is being met by engaging students in learning by the use of digital tools and resources.  In using IWBs teachers are adapting digital tools and resources to promote creativity in learning all subjects.  NETS-S (#1 ) is being met by having students access existing knowledge to generate new ideas, critical thinking, problem solving, and making informed decisions through digital tools and resources.  It is a great site for both teachers and students to use.  I can see using this site in my classroom with teaching all content areas.  I especially like having the ability to walk around the room, helping students as I go, so there is whole group learning going on and individual learning, by use of an iPad to carry with me.

Emerging Ed Tech

This site is an article which lists 6 free web-based interactive white board apps available on the internet.  It was written in 2010 but has been updated Nov. 2012 and unavailable links were removed.  It has the names of each website, URLs, and a comparative table of desirable functions of each IWB app.    There is a comparative grid which compares the 6 sites in regards to: collaborative functionality, saving work, uploading images and other notes.  A conclusion is give about all sites and which ones the author would recommend.  Also 4 related posts are listed concerning IWBs and Smart boards.  (An interesting one is: 9 videos using smart boards in the classroom.)

NETS-T (#1-#3, #5) is being met by teachers promoting students engagement in content areas with digital tools.  They can design and develop authentic learning experiences for students, model effective use of current digital tools, and continue to improve their own professional practices.  I like having the tools available on how to maximize and integrate IWBs into my teaching methods and classroom, in simple, straight forward websites.

Group board

This a neat site which has both free and for a fee apps.  The free site is set up as a shared whiteboard and chat app which can be embedded in your website.  It can be used for tutoring, distance learning, training, or for fun.  You can upload images and draw on top of them and be able to see the changes in real time.  It will work on any browser including iPhone, iPad and Android with no plugins and is free for 5 users on one whiteboard.  You can save up to 20 pictures, have 4 background images, a maximum of 50 posts and has many other features.  It would be a great resource to use for educational games and learning centers.

NETS-T (#1-3, #5) is being met by engaging students in a visual way to learn content area through the use of digital tools.  Teachers are developing and designing authentic experiences for students with digital tools and media.  And teachers are continuing their own professional growth through expanding their knowledge of technology and the use of it in their classroom.  I can see using this site to encrease my own limited knowledge of how to use IWBs in my classroom.  The site also has live videos to help in setup of program and also tech support if needed.

Educational Technology Guy

This is a great site for information about, well, technology from someone who knows.  He is the chief information officer for an urban public school in CT.  He has had other jobs but has spent 10 years in the classroom before going into administration. This blog is about Scribbler, an online whiteboard and how it can be used.  He updated it recently and says it will now support PDF files.  You can upload PDF files and can be turned into editable image in Scribbler.  He explains the different uses he has seen for the whiteboard.  Plus his site has a multiple of other information about technology such as: favorite resources for teachers and students, google for educational resources, creating a personal learning network, project based learning resources, STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math)resources, Discovery resources, and Android resources.

NETS-T (#5) is being met by teachers expanding their skills with technology by exploring creative applications to improve student learning.  I see this site as a great resource for my own teaching methods, also expanding of my knowledge about IWBs and other digital tools.  My students will benefit by use these tools in the classroom and help to engage them in their learning.

4 Teachers

This site is a wonderful resource for teachers in all aspects of using technology in the classroom.  It is broken down into several different categories.  Under integrating technology there are: teacher success stories, technology assessment, resources in Spanish, and use policies & safety.  Under Educator’s Resources there are: technology planning, assessment, assistant technology, bilingual education & ELL, and tutorials & tech-along. Under professional developement in education it has 15 different sites/links to each site to further help in using technology.  It is amazing to see all of the resources available! Looking under policies & safety, there are 15+ posts about subjects of safety for students of all ages while surfing the net, ethics, and sample internet use forms to name a few.  Each category listed above has many subjects to choose from.

NETS-T (#1-#5) is being met by teachers furthering their own knowledge of using technology in their classrooms.  They then are able to inspire students with creative learning by designing and developing digital age learning experiences.  And teachers can  find out the latest in regards to digital citizenship, teaching this knowledge to their students.

Though this site is not specifically set up for IBMs, there is loads of information on using it as one tool for teaching with technology in the classroom.  Plus I like most of searching for information is already done, which I might use as a teacher and put quickly into practice.  I do not have to spend lots of my time searching for info.  I believe my students will benefit from the new knowledge I am acquiring in using digital tools for lessons on all subjects.

Apps in Education

This site is a blog which has 8 specific site to go to for white boards.  Many are free sites and a few charge a small fee.  It is a wealth of information about which apps work best for use of whiteboards on iPads.  There also a list of apps for iPads for each of these subjects: Math, English, Science, Music, Art, History/Geography, Film making, Teachers – you & your students, classroom, special needs, administration.  This blogger has reviewed most of the listing and can give a review of them.  Plus he has included many more under each subject which have not been reviewed yet.

NETS -T (#1-#3, #5) is being met by the use of IWBs in the classrooms, promoting students use of collaborative tools with iPads.  Teachers can design and develop technology enriched learning environments, allowing students to become active participants in their own learning.  Teachers can model their own fluency with digital tools, and continue to improve their teaching practices through the use of iPads.

I can see the use of iPads in the classroom.  I am excited to have this site available which gives me tools in how to implement using them in my own teaching methods.  I believe the students will benefit by using iPads as they learn each new topic and be able to access their prior knowledge.  The ability to share and collaborate with others students is priceless!


This site is a huge collection of blogs written by teachers and others who have information to share about technology.  It is a great place to see what the latest thinking is about digital tools and how they can be used in the classroom.  You can search by topic and/or subject.    IWBs and/or Smart Boards and they have 40+ blogs written about them.  Though some of the blogs are not very long, a lot of information can be collected as you read them.

NETS-T (#5) is being met by continuously improving knowledge about digital tools and how to use them.  Teachers can participate in local and global communities by exploring the use of IWBs in their classroom and garnishing information from other like-minded teachers.

I believe this site will be a go-to site to find out the latest thinking about different digital tools which are available and become available to schools.  This will be helpful in my own teaching as I strive to connect the digital world with my students and classroom practices.

IDroo – Online Education White Board

This site is a great resource to download onto your computer for use with an IWB and is free.   It allows for unlimited participants to draw, write, or display what is being worked on.  Printed words/text, math problems, and/or pictures can be used and then written over to facilitate a lesson.  Images can be loaded from a disk, paste them from the clipboard or drag-and-drop directly in the IDroo window.  It can be used with Skype also.

NETS-T (#1,#2, #5) is being met by teachers engaging students in learning through the use of IWBs.  They can design lesson plans for interactive collaboration with all students in the classroom.  Teachers will also continue to improve their professional practice in using new resources with digital tools.

I believe I would use this resource everyday in my classroom with the use of IWBs.  It is one more way in which I can improve my teaching practices to include technology in my classroom.  Plus I think my future students will like the ability to share what they are learning, collaborate with fellow classmates and ask questions through IWB.


This is site which allows you to use your white board with many different users.  It is simple and easy with no new tools to learn, nothing to download, nothing to install and you don’t even have to sign up.  There is a draw and text button to switch between free hand drawing, and text mode.  Skrbl will save and syncs white boards between users.  You just give out your URL and collaborate live.  Everyone can see the same thing at one time.  This would be great for collaborating with other classes locally and around the world.

NETS-T & S (all) is being met by the teachers facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity.  Students are learning to explore complex issues, apply existing knowledge and create original works.  Teachers are modeling the use of digital tools with their teaching methods.  Students are gather information, organizing, and evaluating sources with digital media.  Teachers can teach digital citizenship to students so they can learn the responsibilities of digital etiquette.  And teachers can continue to learn more about technology as they continue their own professional growth.

I believe this site would be extremely helpful in collaborating with each other in class, other classes in the school and with students from all around the world.  Students would also like being able to work remotely with other students from other places in learning different subjects.   I am excited to put use this in my classroom!

Learning Today

This is a good site which is set up with lessons for IWBs.  It has 6 different lessons for each grade level, K-5.  This is a site for students to go on and learn about different parts of either reading or math.  Or a teacher can use them for whole class instruction to support their lesson plans.  There are also reading and math games, printables, and educational software blogs.  Under free teacher resources it is broken down into interactives and professional development resources.   Also a new feature is EdTech Tools – eLearning today TV video podcast and Learning today blog – tips, tools, and technology for educators.

NETS-T (#1-#3) is being met with teachers by engaging students in real world problems using the IWB and collaborating with each other.  Teachers are designing and developing lesson plans using the IWB, demonstrating fluency with the digital tools to their students.  And students are learning to use prior knowledge, critical thinking, and decision making to follow the lessons.  NETS-S(#1 & #3) is being met by students applying existing knowledge to generate new ideas and processes.  Plus they are learning to think critically and make decisions through the digital tools presented.

I like this site because the harder work of developing a lesson plan is already done for you.  I could use it on my IWB to enhance what I teaching to my students.  I believe they would enjoy the possibility to interact with the program and with each other as they learn the lesson.  It is a win-win situation for all.

About Jan Rue

Hi, I am a graduate student at Western Oregon University working towards a masters in teaching with an endorsement in reading. I am not currently teaching but hope to be able to teach in the elementary level.
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1 Response to Resources – Week 8 & 9 – Whiteboards

  1. elliesheppy says:

    I liked that a lot of your resources were for applications that can be used on the ipad IWB as well as the main classroom one. While substitute teaching, I have mostly seen the IWB used for mathematics and language arts, along with showing videos, taking attendance, etc. I like your idea of researching tools and ways you can use it, since it is one of the technologies being promoted in schools today.

    The Apps in Education site seems like a good resource, since the apps are organized by category, in case you want to use them for another subject. Also, that it includes reviews, which can save you time troubleshooting as a teacher. IDroo seems like it would be a really fun tool for students to use. Also, Skrbl looks like a great tool for student collaboration, since a challenge of IWB is not enough student control.

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